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November 6 - 7, 2005

This first pictures was made in Puerto Madryn, the shipping town from where we are leaving with this ship.

We arrived the day before at night in Buenos Aires and continued from there on Sunday afternoon with our connecting flight to Puerto Madryn.

After sleeping in the hotel we leave around 10.00 o'álock for the ship with a taxi, while we can see the ship from the hotel! The picture was taken from just outside the hotel. It is docked at the far end of the pier. The taxi takes about 10 minutes since almost all streets in Puerto Madryn are one-way, so we have drive around.

Once arrived we are nog just allowed on the pier, first we have to check some customs. They even look under the taxi with a mirror and we have to open a few bags.

When we get to the ship we are the second couple that has arrive, there is already an English couple. The biggest part of the group has flown from Buenos Aires this morning and will eventually arrive a few hours later because of delays. (with Aerolines Argentina....).

The ship itself also had some delays and arrived late last night instead of early in the afternoon. There is still a lot of work before the ship is ready for the passengers, so we are asked to wait on the pier. Luckily the weather is very nice....

Once we leave from the pier we see a Southern Right Whale and a flock of swans and seagulls in the bay. A good way to start!

The next three days we are at sea, looking at birds is our pastime.

November 10, 2005

The plan is to do a number of landings, as they are called, on some of the Falkland Islands. One complety suits up (thermal layered) and put yout rubber boots on. A Zodiac (Mark V, 40 horsepower) carries around 10 people, we go ashore near the beach and wade the last part through the water.


On this day we have three landings (all on New Island), below a few pictures. The first landing is at 5.00 o'clock, so we have to get up at 4.30 (bit early). The second one is after breakfast at 9.30. We see at these two landings three different penguins and a number of other birds. It is dry weather, not to cold at 0 degrees Celcius.

Luckily we have an expedition leader (Jonas Wikander) who is very enthousastic and tries to give us the best experience. That means early rising to have as many landings as possible each day.