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Extra rules

We added gold fiches, we changed the rule so that we get a piece of gold on the gold tile (does not count as a card in hand). Gold buys either a regular card or a Paper, Coin or Cloth card.

We play with a much larger world, so we play until 25 or sometimes up to 40 points. We have also extra conditions, especially when playing with a lot of islands, one of our favorite board designs. When placing the first cities and villages only a few islands are allowed for them. This drives the players to use the boats! The extra condition is that, in order to win, you also need to have landed at all the islands.

The first phase of the game is slow, so we kickstart with 2 cities and 2 villages up to 4 of each (normal placing sequence).

We also keep the development cards in the game (for which you pay ore, wool and grain).

Our worlds are 'round'. This means that boats are allowed to move from one side of the board to the opposite side.

Extended Catan

We are playing Catan for over 10 years. We started with the normal game, but expanded it fairly soon. Not only with all the expansion sets available, but also with more than one game of each. We also expanded the rule set. This was done to cope with the larger boards (for instance, much faster paced game by starting with more cities an villages).

We try to play at Sundays and most of the times we get two games played, for around 3 to 4 hours a game.
From the 7 small expansion sets we use the fish harbours and diamants always. The specialists are also used, but also still in debate, because they tend to help the player who is ahead more then anyone else.

Extra help

It takes a lot of time to count the cards every player gets after a throw, so after fiddling around with a spreadsheet I wrote a small program which stores the cities and villages and after entering a throw shows what cards each player gets. See here for the screenshots when the program was used for the first time.

More extra rules

We added 2 types of routes, longest boat route, and longest combination route (boats/villages), each 2 points.

We use 2 pirate ships and 2 'robbers' (since we have them......).

We discarded numbers 2 and 12. When thrown, the color/barbarian dice stays, the other two get thrown again. We used to play the 2 as a 7 with the 'robber', and the 12 as a 7 with the pirate ship, but stopped with that. Nobody likes 7!

The extra buildphase after a turn was expanded. Not allowed is playing of cards, all the other actions are allowed, even person to person trading. There is one exception that cards cannot be played against a player, that would be to difficult because of the timing involved.

Extra rule we use sometime, extra normal dice stone. When thrown, the player decides which of the two white dice stones to combine with the red one. This changes the statistics of the game in a number of ways!

Islands on which nothing is built at the start, are always almost upside down, and contain mostly the gold and diamant tiles.


New coin tile

Commodity tiles

We created commodity tiles to change a fundamental balance in the game. It is now much easier to get improvement cards.

What changes?

When a city is build on a forest tile it only gives 2 forest cards, no paper card. When a village or a city is built on a paper tile it gives one or two paper cards.


New paper tile

Buying commodity cards

Once a player has gained a metropolis he can buy improvement cards for the price of two commodity cards.


New cloth tile