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Below you will find the first excel examples (screenprints) all the way to the latest version of the program, running on three monitors.

The program shows each player what combinations of tiles and numbers they have, distributed by villages and cities. It show the maximum number of cards they can get (when a certain number is thrown and how many of a type of tile they can get). During the game the totals are updated on how many cards the players have received. The total score is also shown with a number of other details.

Getting help

When playing with larger gaming boards it became more and more time consuming to go over the board and find out which player got how many cards after the dice were thrown.

After playing around with an excel sheet for a while it became clear that automation was the way to go. But also to minimize the administration effort and to show the players as much information as they needed to see where there progress was going.


The program is written in C# with Visual Studio 2008/2010. Being a COBOL programmer from way back I am still learning how to write C# and use OO to its fullest, I am getting there!

Latest version (2009/2010)

The program has evolved into a very large window on three monitors (5360 by 1600 pixels, 1200x1600, 2560x1200, 1600x1200), two for the players to look at their status and one for the administration.
For the best viewing, click on the thumbnail below, then right-click the image in the next page and choose "View this image". Then you can resize it to view details by using the browser functions to enlarge the screenprint.

2010-03-07 20.57.02Z Catan 02 Einde

This version of the program was used for about 8 months. During that period a lot of user feedback was given, which made clear there was some room for improvement. In 2008 we had a version using 2 monitors which already was an improvement.
The screenprint below shows the distribution of the number of tiles for each type, against villages and cities. This player might want to find some forest tiles (leftmost bar with "boom").

2007-12-02 Program with distribution details

More enhanced program (2007-12)

2007-12-02 Program with distribution details

This version is also able to show the distribution of type of tiles ("grondsoorten") against number chips ("fiches").

This diagram shows how the numbers are distributed on the villages (blue bar) and cities (black stacked bar). For this player it indicates that he should look for tiles with 8 on it!

2007-12-02 Program with distribution details

A few weeks later... (2007-09)

2007-09-11 Excel

First Excel sheet (2007-08)

2007-08-26 Excel

First program version (2007-10)

2007-10-21 1st program version